All mayor airlines facing challenges. Bigger alliances are created in order to offer the passengers the best network on earth. Luckily we have flown with a lot of different airlines in order to advise you as independent travel agent.

Special Offers and Savings

We use a huge range of supply chains and licenses in order to provide you with the best deals. Visit USA-Canada-Mexico fares are the most popular.


First we need to understand what you need and expect. Based on that we use our expertise to offer you the best without wasting your time.


Selecting the best hotels for you on top locations for business, meetings or to relax far away from the crowds.

We are travel partner for the 2nd TCPM, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam 8-9 October

Aligning all dimensions of P4 medicine: personalized, preventive, predictive, participatory. While science and technology are rapidly introducing new possibilities, major changes are set in motion by an increasing participation of patients and consumers. The Transatlantic Conference on Personalized Medicine (TCPM2015) will bring together opinion leaders and decision makers from science, society, health care, policy and industry with the aim of creating transatlantic and European platforms and pathways for introducing applications of personalized medicine in prevention, cure and care. TCPM2015 focuses on knowledge valorization and consortium building within the international science policy frameworks. Themes include; 'Diabesity'; Value Based Health Care; Cardiovascular & Womens' Health, Public Private Partnerships; Global perspective in PMed. For more information and registration:

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